Amazon Wish List:  http://amzn.com/w/398YKYSD7Y67U

Specific Items of Need Now  (some may be things you have at home already!):

-Items for outdoor kitchen – metal cooking utensils (large spoons), Metal sifters and strainers, funnels, anything interesting

– Gardening tools / equipment

– Long Water Hose in good condition or new. Trolley for water hose.

– 100% cotton light colored or white flat sheets  – to dye these for picnic blankets and for fort making

– Cookie sheets –  used for drying artwork and magnetic activities

We ALWAYS are looking for:

– Lightly used, quality children’s picture books (in any language), cars/trucks/trains, puzzles, blocks, outdoor toys, wooden or montessori type toys, learning games, wooden play food or dishes, or any other quality engaging toys that would complement the centers we have (like hairdresser, doctor, babies).

– Instruments!

– Your Children’s music (in any language)

– Plastic storage bins especially lidded shoe box size

– baby wipes (use after messy art)

-Plastic grocery sacks

-Kleenex & Paper towels

– Hand Sanitizer

-Tall Trash Bags

-Green all-purpose Cleaners, Green floor cleaner, Green cleaning wipes (that still kill cold/flu virus)

– Rags & old towels! We are constantly going through recycled cloth rags for cleaning & old bath / hand towels

– Plastic Utensils

– Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap

– Recycled Printer Paper (printed on one side only)

– Card stock and standard copier paper

– Dry Erase AND Regular Washable Markers (thin & short preferred)

– Interesting craft supplies for the art studio – squares of fabrics or bright wrapping paper, colorful tissue paper, buttons, beads, sequins, ETC!