Cooperative Participation

10850252_759562247452515_2707105000441122187_n “It takes a village to raise a child”— African proverb

In a cooperative preschool parents, preschool children and their teachers all go to school together and learn together. While we do have two enrollment options, cooperative and standard, the majority of our families are enrolled cooperatively. All families agree to participate in school fundraisers and to volunteer for field trips and during clean up days regardless of enrollment level. Families that choose to enroll cooperatively are required to volunteer (co-op) in the classroom two to four days per month for the entire school day. The details of this option are outlined in our parent handbook.

On Your Work Day

Your workday is an opportunity for you to learn by doing.  By participating in the classroom,  you will develop skills and techniques in understanding and guiding your child. Additionally you will have a unique opportunity to fully grasp the learning happening in the classroom and will easily be able to extend the school environment to your home.

Your role as a working parent is to not only assist the teacher but also to be a teacher!  The teacher will guide and direct  you throughout the day so that your help can be the most beneficial to the students. Always arrive on time and take your responsibility to work in the classroom seriously. NMCP depends on our cooperative parents to be highly involved, on time and reliable.

Top Ten Tips for Cooping at NMCP – click here!


Parent’s Morning Out 
We are excited that beginning in the fall of 2013 we will be able to offer sibling drop in care for a small number of students each day that are under the age of two. We hope this will make choosing Cooperative enrollment easier for our families with infants. Please visit our enrollment page for information.

NMCP is a proud member of Parent Cooperative Preschools International. Cooperative Preschools have a rich international history and PCPI offers many links and resources to help educate you on the benefits and opportunities involved with parent participation in the preschool classroom.
Co-op Basics
By Lauren Howell…Cooperative Preschool Programs offer a warm and gentle introduction to school and community life for young children and their families. Adults and children learn together, grow together, and actively build a community together.For children, “co-op” is a safe and nurturing place in which to explore and have fun. Social, emotional and intellectual skills are learned through cooperative and creative play. For parents, it’s a place to improve parenting skills, help shape their child’s first school environment, and form lasting friendships.

For kids and parents alike, co-op builds self-confidence and competence. But most of all, co-op is fun!