• Are you unsure of the current public options for your Pre-Kindergartener?
  • Are small class sizes and small school sizes for young children important to you?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to a full day, traditional program?
  • Are dynamic enrichment options important to you?
  • Are you passionate about project based, hands-on learning?


While we will ensure your child is academically and socially prepared for Kindergarten, we also believe the Pre-Kindergarten year is valuable and should be just that – ‘Pre’ Kindergarten! NMCP’s Pre-K program includes community trips, project based learning, lots of play and time for family!

Our half-day Pre-K program is aligned with the established values and daily rhythms of NMCP with a maintained focus on service-learning and exploring the world through an engaging, hands-on curriculum. Our program will ensure your child is ready not only for Kindergarten but a future of academic and creative success. Our Pre-K class is taught by a team of experienced, degreed educators.

image_6Our Pre-Kindergarten program curriculum is generally aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards, however in most areas it extends well beyond the State’s Pre-K standards. We provide a rich and thoughtful approach to early learning that still allows time for play and for extracurricular activities such as gardening, yoga, music and art.

NMCP’s commitment to creative science and math education is extended to our Pre-Kindergarten program, where students are challenged and delighted while exploring concepts they would never encounter in a traditional classroom. Our language workshop approach, which includes handwriting, creative storytelling and reading readiness meets the individual needs of each student enrolled. We often see our preschoolers naturally emerge as readers or become fluent during the Pre-K year.

image_11Our Pre-Kindergarten class drives the service learning for our entire preschool. They identify interests or areas of need in their community, assist the younger classes to build background knowledge, and lead the completion of thoughtful service projects each semester.

Click here to view the outline of objectives that are evaluated each semester and included in the Pre-K portfolio.