Family Quotes

“New Morning Community Preschool encourages, inspires and provides an environment for preschoolers to BE preschoolers. First and foremost they PLAY. They create. They learn how to respect, treat and love each other and themselves. They talk about feelings and how to manage them. They explore the world, they serve the community and they experience nature every day. It’s an authentic place with loving teachers and an active parent community. We couldn’t be happier to have our family part of NMCP!” Prueter Family 

“We absolutely love New Morning and would recommend this magic place to any family in search of a vibrant, fun, peaceful and nurturing community for their child. Their focus on service learning and true loving kindness is unparalleled. We are dripping in gratitude and looking forward to another amazing year!” Sklare Family 

“We couldn’t be happier with our school. I really appreciate the co-op program. Every day there is a parent helping in each class, which really engenders a sense of involvement and community. Our 2-year old loves it and looks forward to every day he attends.” Thompson Family 

“I could really tell that there was a lot of thought and preparation that went into the day and I really appreciate that. My son and his classmates were engaged, making connections, and just as excited about the “learning” parts of their day as they were about the free play parts of their day. I also really appreciate how engaged the adults are with the kids and how you all teach them how to take care of each other and the space/materials around them through example and guidance.” Underwood Family

“My child has thrived at New Morning and made many new friends. She has learned so much in a very short span, and I believe it is because all the teachers are incredibly caring and patient. We’ll be at New Morning until Kindergarten!” Phillips Family

“Some places are just special and magical. From the staff, to the community of families, to the huge shaded playground….New Morning is all of this and more.” Harms Family 

“This is our second year at NMCP, and we could not be happier!  Not only has our little one gained great experiences at the school, but we as parents have as well.  The cooperative option has allowed us to participate in her learning and fun, while at the same time connecting us with a community of incredible parents, who have become an amazing network of friends!” Parsons Family

“My child has learned so much for her 1st time at school. All the teachers do their best to find out her strengths, work with her weakness and encourage positive, peacefully reassurance to my little girl. We have also enjoyed the Spanish she has been sharing with us at home also. We love NMCP!  Thank you so much for being such a well rounded school.” Post Family

“This is our third year at New Morning and our family couldn’t be more pleased. Our first child learned how to read fluently while attending New Morning and now our second child is well on his way, too. He comes home speaking Spanish and talking about his daily adventures. LOVE LOVE LOVE New Morning!!” Flynn Family

“Our son has flourished in the NMCP Spanish language offering. The cooperative component has allowed me to be there with him to learn new words and continue our Spanish lessons at home. Co-directors, Deb & Christina, are always there to listen and offer advice on our son’s academic and emotional development.”  Kendrick Family