April/May News 2015

It has truly been an amazing year of growth and change.  We will miss everyone who is moving to other schools and are so excited to start next year with so many familiar faces.  We grow each year with your support dedication!  Thank you for trusting us with your amazing children, watching them grow is a gift that we treasure. – Christina and Deb

Stars class

The stars class has grown so much this year! They are very chatty and so loving. Watching them play more creatively has been so much fun this year! Can’t wait to have them back in the fall and see all their changes over the summer.

Earth class

So much fun happening in the last few months!
We started April with finding rocks and flowers in our soil sensory bin. We then dipped our flowers and rocks in paint and used them as paintbrushes.
We read books about what happens to seeds when we put them in soil and watched the seeds we planted with Mr. Daniel grow into delicious food. We also got to see some seeds turn into plants in our soil sensory bin. So cool! At home, ask your child what seeds need to grow (air, soil, water, sun and love).
The earth class did an amazing job working as a team building machines in open play. Check out pictures of Grayson and Josie’s machine that turns bugs into hot sauce. Genius! We also had a great time working on our shady tree song in music, wearing our cozy pajamas to school on pajama day and getting crazy with water balloons on water day.

Thank you everybody for everything you do. It has been such an honor to work with your wonderful children this year. – Ms. Nicole


We finished exploring each letter of the alphabet with fine motor, gross motor, and sensory play.  They loved playing with slime for “S”, and making tire tracks with cars and paint for “T”.  You probably had a chance to see their “underground” cups for “U” (fake and real worms included!); their beautiful recycled art project to make flower vases for “V” AND making volcanoes with clay, then creating an eruption with baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring… The loved this!  Watercolor “W”‘s;  X-Ray handprints for “X”,  yarn-filled “Y”‘s, and the best for last… Zooming and Zig-Zagging for “Z”!  They also had a chance this month to explore coins, and observe their similarities and differences.  At home, have your children play and categorize coins in cups or plates, and reinforce the value of each.


The Rainbows sure love learning new sight words!  We introduced the following words with singing, painting, gluing, skywriting, jumping, bouncing a ball while spelling, and writing: like, make, blue, not, go, to.  The children are very proud of the words they know.  Have them point out these words when you read aloud to them.
We continued to explore measurement in inches, and began an introduction to coins and their values.  Continue to let them play with real coins at home, reinforcing the value of each.

The children have done such a great job- they are all so creative and enthusiastic.  It has been a pleasure teaching them all this year! – Ms. Diana

Sun and Rainbow

With Ms Pamela,the students in both Rainbow and Sun class learned about Cinco de Mayo and made sarapes (shawls), abanicos (hand fans) y flores (flowers) for the Mexican Hat Dance. We studied animales de mar (ocean animals), animales de granja (farm animals) y mascotas (pets). We germinated seeds in Science and drew pictures of the seedlings and labeled them after exploring our own class seedling and reading ‘Seeds, Seeds, Seeds’ in Spanish and English. We experimented with the Naked Egg and found there are many fascinating things to do with eggs! Lastly, we made aqucate (avocado) y coco (coconut) paletas (popsicles), mastered our somersaults and had fun learning Bollywood/Bangra dance the last day of school.

The last part of school went by super fast and there were many more fun experiments and activities I wanted the classes to learn. I look forward to seeing and teaching those of you that will be returning next year to NMCP and I wish the other students the best of luck in their new schools! – Ms. Pamela


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