March News

News and Announcements:
Pre-K Coffee: We are hosting a group tour and Pre-K Coffee for prospective Pre-K families. Please share the event if you know someone that is thinking about Pre-K for 15/16 school year.
Service Project 4/26: The students have decided to host a ‘trash bash’ to clean up the earth as our culminating project this semester.  This will be held on Sunday, April 26th from 3-4:30 pm.  More details will follow but please mark your calendar! It will be a simple event where we just make our neighborhood and school a little cleaner 🙂
Fundraiser and End of the Year Art Show / Concert:  We will be hosting a fundraiser on May 16th at 3pm to raise the funds to create a beautiful entrance and covered porch area for the house. We will need everyone’s help to make this a success.  We will have a silent auction, a raffle and MORE!  If you have anything you would like to donate to the silent auction please let us know. The children will sing and their art work will be displayed as well, if you came to our diversity concert last year you know how special this closing of the year is! This is a great event to invite grandparents to.
Important! Bottle Caps, Jars and T-Shirts – We are in need of several items from each child by the end of next week for our Up-cycling projects. We need you to save ALL plastic bottle caps in the next week weeks for a large recycled art project we will be completing with a community artist.  Also Ms. Pamela needs two glass jars with lids per child for a science project. Please send extras in if you have them.  Also please send in t-shirts that are previously used.  One should be your child’s size, 100% cotton and white or very light colored for tie dying and the other will be made into a bag so color, size is not important.
PIZZA! – We will be having a field trip to Maddio’s Pizza in Edgewood on April 2oth at 10am for the Sun and Rainbow classes. Though this is on a Monday, the Tues/Thurs Sun, Rainbow and Earth class children are welcome to join us there with a parent chaperone.  If you can help on this day, we would greatly appreciate it.  The permission slip will be out this upcoming week.
In the Rainbow class we closed our Spanish unit on feelings by creating a puppet, which we will use weekly to help remind us how to ask, ‘How do you feel?’, in Spanish (Como te sientes?). During this unit we played feelings coin flip, play clay mats, bingo and read many stories on feelings. We also finished up our shapes learning by playing Rio Forma (shape river). This is an easy game to play at home on a rainy day. Please ask your child how to play!
In Dance we concluded our ballet routine. Your children are little masters at making pizza feet and big ball arms (first position in ballet). We continue to work on our gymnastics and are now practicing our forward rolls, as well as our tap routine. If your children wants to practice somersaults at home, please make sure their little heads are tucked way under to avoid any neck injury.
We also concluded our Math Journals with numbers 11-20 and have started our new Science time together by doing a reverse egg hunt. Students collected three things in nature and put them into plastic eggs.
This month the Rainbow class really enjoyed the book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, and had fun making their own beautiful “truffula trees” out of colored cotton balls and water colors. We focused a lot on how to take care of the earth, make it more beautiful, and how to “be green”.  The sight words we learned this month were: find, one, yellow, little.  The word families we focused on were -it, -ug, and -op.  Ask your children to do rhyming games with the word families to see how many words they can come up with.  Next month our new sight words will be like, make, and blue, and our new word families will be -ap and -ad.
In math, we focused on measuring, using the rainbow rulers they made in class, and practicing how to measure objects tin inches.  We also measured our feet, and found out that many of the Rainbows have the same size foot!   If you have a ruler at home, have your child practice measuring items around the house.
In the Sun class we also finished our feelings unit by creating a puppet, which we will use weekly to help remind us how to ask, ‘How do you feel?’, in Spanish (Como te sientes?). During this unit we used the play clay mats, drew anger management strategies, and read many stories on feelings.
We also concluded our Math Journals (numbers 1-10.) You can see there is still much work to be done with our numbers; so I highly encourage you to work with your children on one to one correspondence by counting steps or snack items, pointing out numbers wherever you see them, etc. A fun game they like to play is counting backwards and pretending to be rockets.
In Dance we concluded our ballet routine and will begin our tap routine. If your children have dance shoes, please feel free to send them to school on Fridays! We have also begun our gymnastics portion and started our forward rolls. We will continue learning gymnastics with log rolls, prepping for wheelbarrow and perfecting our forward rolls. If your child wants to practice these routines at home, I highly encourage you to make sure their neck is supported, which usually means tucked in. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
We have started our new Science time together by doing a reverse egg hunt. Students collected three things in nature and put them into plastic eggs (these are not considered Easter eggs… just using the resources I have ;). I am really excited to be teaching Science and would love it if you have any small, wide mouth jars available to send to school. I can return these to you if you put your name or child’s name on the bottom or top of the jar! Thank you in advance! Two jars for each child would be great… if you have more to send, please do!
March was a busy month of learning new letters!  The Suns explored the letters N, O, P, Q, R and S!  They did a variety of sensory play and letter art- noodles and slime are very fun to touch, purple pancakes are great to make and eat, and “O” stamping with lids make very pretty art!  They also made some cool robots out of rectangles, and some silly snakes out of the letter “S”.  When they bring their art home, please ask them to identify the letters, the sound it makes, and have fun coming up with words that have that sound. Next month we will be exploring T, U, and V.
Hello from the Earth class! We had an action packed month starting with a focus on circles. We made a huge earth and covered it with blue and green handprints. We sang songs about the earth while holding hands in a circle and made wheels for our footprint fire trucks. We celebrated the changing of seasons by making bird feeders made of recycled materials. We checked them during outside open play and we noticed one was almost all gone! Mr. Daniel, along with other parent volunteers put together a garden bed. We planted  peas and tasted the delicious greens that the parents planted. We also used recycled materials to make haute couture at our “trashion” show. February went out with a bang with a visit from our local fire department’s fire truck.
We are currently focusing on building hand muscles for being super writers by practicing cutting. Draw thickly lined circles and squares and work with your child on cutting them out. Ask your child to put them together to make an animal! 
In April we are going to talk about bumblebees, flowers, why our planet is so special and what we do everyday to love it!
Stars spent as much time outside this month as possible.  They enjoyed ‘cooking’ in the sand box and sliding down the slide.  The had lots of sensory experiences as well as lots of fun art projects.  They have been playing together and independently and are working on waiting to take turns with toys. Some of their art projects have been 3-d flower sculptures, tree printing, dressing doll figures of themselves, drawing their facial features with chalk on black paper, watercolors, stamps and stickers. The comradely between the class has really grown, they are starting to call each other by their names and talk about each other in and out of school.

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