February 2015 News

Reminders & Events: 

St. Patricks Open House, March 17th at 10am: Please join us and bring a friend! If you bring a friend with a preschooler that doesn’t currently have a firm preschool option you get one volunteer hour! RSVP here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/877961042265788/ Please note this is not a regular school day so if you plan on attending, you are responsible for your child throughout the day.
Work Days: We will have several work days coming up. We are going to be at school this Sunday March 15th at 3pm doing some clean up on the play ground. We will also be at the school on Saturday March 21st at 3:00. If you would like to join us please RSVP so we can plan some additional projects if we have extra helpers. The other work days will be announced with more notice and will be after Spring Break. If you come this Sunday please remember waters and as always you can bring children.
HOME PROJECT, Trash Fashion Show: Rainbow, Sun, Earth Classes. On Monday, March 23rd Rainbow and Sun class will have a trash fashion show. On Tuesday, March 24th Earth class will do the same show. Please send your child to school in something they have made from recycled materials that can be taken off if they tire of it. They will show off their design to their classmates on the runway!
Change out extra clothes: Please change out your child’s extra clothes to warmer weather clothes as the weather changes and consider swapping for a lighter jacket or hoodie that can be stored in their backpack when not needed as well.
Bring Wipes: If your child is not potty trained please bring a package of wipes each month, if you are a month or two behind on this please bring a few!
– Puzzles:  The kids are very interested in puzzles right now.  If you have any to donate or would like to send some in for us to borrow (fair warning on borrowed puzzles we will try to keep all the pieces together the best we can) we would appreciate it.  We especially would like puzzles that are appropriate for 4 year olds.
– Scholastic Books: We will be sending home a scholastic book form this month, which is a little more frequent than usual, because the books available focus on our service project themes and gardening and there are some great deals! The school has GREATLY benefited from your support of the program this year. Thanks! You can place an online order at this link: https://orders.scholastic.com/N42DH
Our class code is N42DH if you need it! The deadline for this one will be Friday, March 27th.
Monthly Learning:
In Mathematics, we began working on the numbers 11-20 and will continue to do so in March. We arranged the numbers 11-20, counted out and created number links, began our math journals with 11 ways to make the earth a better place and exercised with 20 jumping jacks, 19 toe touches, 18 shoulder shrugs, etc.  We have also been exploring measurement and making our own rainbow rulers.  We will continue to practice measuring in inches and feet, and learning to estimate length. We also counted to ten in Chinese and wrote the Chinese characters for numbers 1 to 10.  In Spanish we began our shapes vocabulary with ‘circulos’ (circles) and ‘lineas’ (lines) and just brushed on ‘sentimientos’ (feelings) and created feeling faces for the mood we were in that day.  In Dance we celebrated Valentine’s Day with our ‘Oh Valentine, come _____ with me’ song. We practiced our verbs in Spanish such as ‘salta’ for jump and ‘giro’ for twirl. Your children learned the Chicken Dance (ask your children to show you!), briefly touched on the Hand Jive and revisited our Cha Cha Slide. It’s been a ton of fun! Also for Valentine’s Day The Rainbow Class created ‘I Love You to Pieces’ hearts, practiced their fine motor skills by creating and cutting their Name Puzzles and practiced their letters and Valentine’s vocabulary with glitter sand writing.
The Rainbows have been very busy with their word families and sight words, reviewing all the ones we have learned this year, and learning some new ones. Ask them to find their words as you read to them.  The latest words are: come, play, for, help, and it.  We have learned the word families  -ot, -an, -ig, -up, and -ot.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming words: find, one, yellow, and little.  The new word family this month will be -it.  They are so excited to read new words, especially when they see them in the books we read together!
A special activity this month was our Embroidery class with Ms. Sarah (Helen’s mom) we had such a great time and can’t wait to try it again. The adults helping couldn’t get over how well the kids did!
In Mathematics, we continue to read, write and recite the numbers 0-10. We read Doggies by Sandra Boynton and Charlie Harper’s 123, which we used to help us begin creating our Math Journals. We played Number Smash using brown lunch bags, put ourselves in number order and participated in Math Centers with counting out and stringing beads, counting out and placing the correct number of pom poms into the toilet rolls and creating the numbers with linking toys. In Spanish we began our shapes vocabulary with ‘circulos’ (circles) and ‘lineas’ (lines) and just brushed on ‘sentimientos’ (feelings) by singing a Spanglish (Spanish-English) version of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It.’ In Dance we celebrated Valentine’s Day with our ‘Oh Valentine, come _____ with me’ song. We practiced our verbs in Spanish such as ‘salta’ for jump and ‘giro’ for twirl. We played the London Bridge dance (their favorite) and continued working on building our strength and flexibility. Also for Valentine’s Day the Sun Class worked on their cutting skills when creating their Name Puzzles and we had some Math Fun creating our Love Bugs!!
The Suns had a great time this month learning about the letters J, K, L, and M!  Ask them about their jellyfish, kites, L’s with shapes, and the moons and mountains they made in class!  They also have been using pattern blocks in open play to form letters and other designs.  Next month we will continue learning about the letters N, O, P, and Q. Ask your child to create some letters for you out of play dough at home!
All Classes:
Valentine’s Day was a blast, as they dot-painted love posters, and made fizzy, foaming hearts with baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring.  Watching their hearts “explode” when they added vinegar with their droppers was awesome 🙂 All four classes learned about the process of crystallization and made their own crystals. We also all made pickles this month with Ms. Becky (Darrol’s mom) check out this link about it!: http://www.glueandglitter.com/main/2015/02/17/make-dill-pickles-23-toddlers-optional/
Everyone also did a lot of celebrating of Chinese New Year! Ms. Becca (Peyton and Grayson’s mom) came for a whole Thursday and made fantastic Chinese lanterns with the kids and we followed it with a lantern parade. We also learned some Chinese words, listened to new Chinese music, had Chinese new year yoga classes, played with Chinese play food and decorated for the New Year festivities.
Our service project this semester will focus on helping the earth.  The children have helped to pick up trash and have started learning about the many ways to treat our earth with love.   You will see and hear a lot of learning about where our trash goes and what we can do as a community to be less wasteful. The garden will re-open soon with lots of science to come on composting, planting and recording growth.
The Earth class started the month out by learning the difference between squares and rectangles by putting small square dry sponges into water and watching them turn into rectangles. In true earth class fashion, we then dipped them in paint and made different colored rectangles.
We also started our All About Me project, We drew our eyes and mouth and used yarn to decide what color of hair we have (pink was a very popular color). For Chinese New Year we made red dragons out of our hands and they ended up having really awesome names like “race car” and “daddy”. We then made chrysanthemum tea for the rainbow class that we all enjoyed together during lunch. To say goodbye to Winter, we painted ice, cut out paper mittens and made them magically glittery.
Ask your Earth class child to talk to you about ‘being present’ and what it looks like to ‘be present’ during a story time.
The stars class really enjoyed new sensory experiences this month including ice and eye spy noodles. They are working on not putting sensory bin materials in their mouths, even though it was a hard sell with the noodles. The stars class is working on naming things around the school and using their words when they need something. Ask you stars class child to show you where the ‘playground’ is and where ‘open play’ is. The stars class loves singing twinkle, twinkle little star in music class. Their favorite thing at school this month was the new swing!

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