January 2015 News

Stars Class

The Stars have started weekly Yoga and Music classes with Ms. Christina and Ms. Deb. They are doing a great job learning to stay on the rug and listen during these teacher directed times, which are new for the class. Ask your child to copy you tapping on a table or shaking a water bottle filled with beads. Their favorite project was Dinosaur week where they make dinosaurs by clipping clothes pins to the backs of paper Dinos to make a Stegosaurus. Ask your child what sound a Dinosaur makes! 

Earth Class

In the Earth class students have enjoyed practicing tree pose in yoga classes, many of them are mastering balancing on one foot! Ask your child to demonstrate tree pose for you. The Earth class has spent a lot of time working on fine motor skills such as stringing beads and using pipettes. They have loved science activities the most, especially making their own bubble solution and learning how if you coat an object or your hand in bubble solution you can enter and exit the bubble without popping it! They loved making a ‘square’ band by walking in a square and making squares with Ms. Nicole. Ask your child to go on a square hunt with you and find squares around the house or outside.

Sun Class
In the Sun class, we are working on colors and numbers in Spanish. Students enjoyed using their fine motor skills to place stickers in the appropriate color columns. To go along with our Grocery Store theme, we learned the Spanish names to many fruits and vegetables we might find shopping.

In Math, we have been focusing on numbers 1-10. The students enjoyed counting out 10 dinosaur steps during the Dinosaur Dance, as well as interactive Math story time.

In dance, we tried our hands at using scarves to help us cross that oh so important midline, and students are really getting into routine dances like I’m a Little Tea Pot and Paddycake. Not to mention they are pros at their strength building exercises! Ask your child to show you their bunny hops, leap frogs and crab puffs!

The Sun class worked hard learning the letters H and I- they loved making the letter H out of their handprints, and stamping “ice igloos” for I.  Next month we will explore the letters J, K, L and M.  Look out for our jiggly jellyfish that we will be bringing home!  In math, we focused on recognizing and counting numbers 1-10.  This month we will practice identifying and counting numbers up to 15.
Have your child practice counting items for you in the house (pieces of cereal, number of fruit, etc) to get them to coordinate their numbers with the objects they are counting.

Rainbow Class
In Spanish, this month, we have focused on food, eating healthy and the five food groups. The children learned the difference between a fruit and vegetable, created their own traffic light of foods and and set their dinner mats with a variety of food. The children are learning their Spanish colors and numbers, as well as the weather and days of the week. Ask your children “Como estas usted?” and hopefully they can answer you with how they are feeling in Spanish!

In Math, the number 10 was completed in their math journals, we worked on different ways to make ten and simple addition games like 1, 2, Go and Add the Dice. We also practiced making tally marks in groups of 5 and then making bar graphs to represent our tallies.  We have been exploring shapes again, introducing the trapezoid and hexagon.  The kids love using their pattern block shapes to make very intricate designs!
Next month we will continue playing with shapes, and learning how to make graphs to show our data.

In dance class, students are building their strength and flexibility completing a variety of dance and strength building movements. Ask your children to show you their crab walks and leap frogs. We always end the class with some sort of freestyle movements and the children are super creative!

The Rainbow class has been doing a fantastic job learning new sight words and word families.  This month we worked on the -ip and -ig word families, and learned the sight words “we”, “play”, “come”, and “for”.  Next month our new sight words will be “help”, “it” and “one”; our new word families will be “-it” and “-ot”. Practice saying words in a word family with your child, having them identify what makes them part of that word family.


– We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a day of fun activities on Wednesday February 11th for the sun and rainbow class and on Thursday February 12th for the earth class.  Your child is welcome to wear red, pink or anything with hearts.   Please have your child bring in a valentine for each of their classmates and we will exchange them at the end of these days. Please no candy, cookies or edible treats.

– Supplies: We need a package of baby wipes for each child enrolled who is in pull ups and small glass jars for pickling if you haven’t sent one in already. The Stars class will also be participating in this activity.

-Fall 2015 deposits are due by the end of this month.

– Our summer camp information is up on the website! We hope to see the kids this summer. Please invite friends to join us as well. Summer camps will be held in four day sessions, Monday through Thursday 9am to 12:50 pm and are offered for children ages 2 to rising fourth graders: http://nmcpreschool.com/about-2/summer-camps/

-We are giving everyone a few more days to order Scholastic this quarter. You can order thru this Sunday February 8th. Shop Online: scholastic.com/readingclub (The first time you sign in please use the school activation code: N42DH)


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