December News


December was a fun month of sensory experiences and hands-on learning! We transformed open play into a winter/train play space. The kids all loved exploring geometric solids and filling them up in the sensory bin with rice and beans, making soft, white “snow” out of baking soda & hair conditioner, playing with ‘frozen’ play doh, making snowmen and beading beautiful “snowflakes” on pipe cleaners.

Dinosaurs! All three classes have enjoyed the Science of ‘Dinos’! The students differentiated between herbivores and carnivores, made clay fossils, and explored different hypotheses of dinosaur extinction. The earth class also made winter scenes with “snow” paint, and constructed a music train out of simple shapes.

We spent most of our month practicing and preparing for our singing service project. Thank You parents for supporting our MARTA project. The kids really had fun singing in the community and sharing the power of music to bring happiness.

STARS: The Stars class worked with several new sensory materials in December. They were so excited to graduate to having a craft table in our classroom. One week, they rolled, cut, and pounded glitter snow play dough on the flat surface and the next week, they created snowflakes of cotton balls and q tips. The brisk weather hasn’t seemed to put a damper on their passionate play cooking experiences in our outdoor kitchen. Many recipes for chocolate cake have been tested and sampled by Ms. Emily and Ms. Karin!


Before break it is always nice to help your child get excited about coming back. Ask them what their favorite activities are at school and ask them to talk to you about their best friends!


Please return your portfolio binder next week if you are in the Rainbow class. You will get to keep your child’s journal and portfolio at the end of the school year when they are complete. The Sun class students can keep their evaluations.

A BIG thanks to Justin Whirledge (Brannen’s Dad) for helping us get our new website up and on a better platform! Check it out:

Please remember to update the volunteer hours log! You should be about half way completed with your 8 hour volunteer hour commitment. Please look here for suggestions on how you can earn your hours:

January is predicted to be a very cold month. Please remember to keep your sick children home and dress appropriately. We like to take the kids outside for a quick walk even if it is too cold to stay out for long stretches.

Please take a moment to check the calendar for the holidays for this semester. We have one coming up on January 19th!

January 19th Service Project details will be sent out next week.



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