October and November 2014 News


The Stars have enjoyed joining many of the rotations at school including open play and enjoying all of their meals outdoors 🙂 They have experimented with different art mediums this month and they particularly loved the glue sticks! The Stars class also really enjoyed the new variety of instruments at school. Thanks to everyone that brought something in for sharing!


The Earth class had a mini talent show where each student shared a special talent with the group and everyone practiced cheering for their friends amazing abilities.  They have started to work with simple shapes and learn to count the sides. They really liked making turkeys out of simple shapes.  The Earth class practiced name recognition and fine motor skills by gluing colored noodles to their names, they will continue to practice name recognition in the coming weeks.  We also spent a day with the letter T in honor of the story “Tubby the Tuba.”  As part of our service learning project, the earth class practiced using their listening skills to figure out animal sounds.


The Sun class loved making their “Cloud C’s” out of cotton balls, and finishing their sticker cards for numbers 1-5 to bring home and share. Playing with gooey goo and hiding spiders in them was also a blast! We have been working on recognizing the letters C and D, listening to the sounds they make in words, and learning how to write them using curves and lines.  We are also concentrating on characters’ changing feelings in stories.  They are listening and engaging so well during story time!

In November, the Sun class really enjoyed the wordless picture book “Yellow Umbrella”, in which they listened to music that corresponded with the pictures in the book.  They did a great job telling the story in their own words. The sun class was thrilled to don their planet headbands and run circles around the sun.  In science, the sun class explored the solar system, and how the planets orbit the sun.  We also explored the science of sound by guessing the mystery sound (animal noises or instruments), and bouncing sound waves off metal surfaces.

The Sun class should be working on counting to and recognizing the numbers 1-6 and also recognizing the letters C,D, E and F. Coming up in December we will be working on the numbers 7-10 and the letters G, H, and I.


The Rainbow class really enjoyed making their own windpipes after reading the book “Tubby the Tuba”.

Important Learning Concepts for this month – We learned the new sight words “can”, “you”, “up”, “is”, “look”, and “in”. Coming us we will learn “my”, “big” and “jump”.  We will also be adding word families and the first one will be the “-at” word family. The Rainbows love learning their new words and are doing such a great job with them!

In math the Rainbows are working on creating geometric shapes and making collages with the shapes.

The Rainbows also explored the solar system, understanding how the planets orbit the sun, and how each planet is different.  Each Rainbow student finished their day/night Earth model, which explains how the Earth spins into daylight and darkness each day.  The projects were stunning.

As part of our service learning project, the Rainbow class spent time learning about the science of sound: sound waves and secrets; bats and eco-location; and they also made glass bottle xylophones.


The Rainbow and Sun classes worked on greetings and also learned our “hola” song. We started the story “Los Tres Cerditos,” The Three Little Pigs.  This particular version has each little pig having interesting personalities and the students have been learning about them and their interests along with the traditional story. They are great at interpreting the story and are beginning to utilize more of the vocabulary. We are also using the story to start exploring words having to do with eating (comer), the parts of a house, and reviewing our numbers.

Earth class has been listening to story books in Spanish that utilize terms like “Hola,” “Buenas noches,” and “me gusta.” They are having fun practicing their new words and making projects that re-enforce the learning.

Service Learning:

We explored several new instruments in open play (thank you for your donations and the instruments you let us borrow!) and also used household items to make music. We explored how different types of music can make us feel different ways. We used our bodies to move and created art projects while listening to different types of music. The children really understand the ‘power of music’ and that we can use music to help ourselves and others feel happy. Our final project will focus on sharing music with others to make them happy.  We will spend some time planning ways to share music with our school community as well as our larger community.

Questions to ask your child:

  • Have your children re-tell stories you read to them in their own words – ask them “What happened first?  What happened next? What happened last?”
  • Have your child point out shapes they see in everyday objects (circle on the bottom of a cup or can, door being a rectangle, etc).
  • How is music powerful?
  • What kinds of places have you been practicing going to in your mind with Ms. Christina when she turns sounds on her phone? (Beach, Ocean, Forest, Rain Storm, Farm)
  • Practice letter recognition with your Sun class child.
  • Practice counting things up to five or ten with your Earth class child.
  • Find the project with spot the dog hiding under a post it note and ask your child how to say ‘Where are you in Spanish’.


Please send in any stickers that you aren’t using at home. The children really enjoy a variety of stickers!

We are almost half way through the year. Please update the volunteer hours spreadsheet to be sure you will be able to complete your hours before the end of the year.

Please label any warm clothing and be sure to look around the playground an extra time before leaving to be sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Thank you to the Scialabba family for the mud pie kitchen! The kids love it!


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