September 2014 News


The number line has helped our pre-k students visualize all numerals from 1 to 100, and they have been “hopping” down the line by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  The students particularly enjoyed creating their 10 glitter stars. They also worked on measuring, graphing, and number line activities.  We are using non-standard measurement tools to measure our height.  We started with estimating, then measuring, with Unifix cubes.

The Rainbows loved making dough together after reading “The Little Red Hen”.  They also enjoyed making their “buckets” after reading “How Full Is Your Bucket?” where they got to make and decorate their bucket, then take turns “filling” each other’s bucket with kind words – which in turn filled their bucket, too 🙂 We have been doing all sorts of activities to reinforce our sight words – I, see, the, and a – sight word decoding, stamping our words, and color coding. They are wrapping up the practice of writing capitals F, E, D, P, B, R, N, and M which all start with the same straight line down. Practicing these at home is ideal, if your child is hesitant to stat a letter you can start the letter or ask them which part they want you to finish. Writing in cornmeal or salt, using rainbow markers etc will make it much more fun! They will begin working on the capital letters H, K, L, U, V, W, X, Y, Z in October.


The Earth class enjoyed painting and counting dots on ladybugs in keeping with our “Grouchy Ladybug” book theme.  They also spent some time examining insects, noting differences in size and color. They focused on counting, and using kind words to make our friends feel happy.  They’ve been building more stamina in yoga class as well and are learning lots of poses including snake, dog, mountain and frog poses.


The Suns really enjoyed the book “The Little Red Hen”, and especially loved working together to mix, roll, cut and shape their own dough. We are working on learning and identifying the letters of the alphabet.  We are using all types of multi-sensory materials to form capital letters – salt trays, play dough, and shapes to form letters makes learning “A” and “B” lots of fun!  We are also working on identifying our numbers 1-5 in print and with manipulatives. The Sun class love to “make bread” in Yoga class by making a mixing bowl with a partner using their bodies.
The stars have joined in on the work in the garden and have been exploring a lot of different instruments and sounds this month. They have also been working on using ‘gentle hands’ and using simple words to make requests, such as ‘more’ or ‘please’.
Science (Earth, Sun, Rainbow)

The students loved learning about our nearest star, the sun and how important it is to the earth. Students described the differences between the seasons, particularly what happens during fall.  We also discovered the importance of the  moon and earth in understanding day/night cycles.

Service Learning (Earth, Sun, Rainbow)

We focused on learning different feelings and acted out reasons why we might feel them.  We talked about different ways to share (divide, take turns, play together or swap).  We learned about ways to invite ourselves to play with others and ways to include others in our play.  We also learned about ways to show we care and understand. Next month we will start our semester service project where we will combine feelings, sharing and music to create an end project with the children.

Spanish (Earth, Sun, Rainbow)

The children learned names of fruits, many that we have been enjoying during snack. They had the chance to name shapes, count and played new games like Spanish Bingo. We read the books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Vamos Al Colegio. Some new vocabulary included: manzana – apple, naranja – orange, fresa – strawberry, oruga – caterpillar , sol- sun, luna – moon, mariposa – butterfly , escuela – school, maestra – teacher, and libro – book.  In October we will be introducing the color red (rojo), blue (azul), green (verde), pink (rosa), and purple (morado).

Questions to Ask:
What is something nice you can say to your friend?
What is our nearest star?
Can you count by tens to 100?
Ask your child to estimate whenever you have a group of items on hand, then have them count after they have guessed.
How we can fill each other’s “invisible” buckets?
Have your child help count as much as possible at home, touching items as they count (i.e. groceries in a bag, plates in the cupboard, while setting the dinner table, etc).
Ask your child to sing the song “Five Little Ducks” with you, using their five fingers to help tell the story.
Tell me some times you might need to take a ‘Yoga Breath’.
Play ‘sight word detective’ to find sight words on labels and signs.
Touch each word as you read stories to your Rainbow class child and pause when you reach a sight word or a familiar word to encourage them to read the words they know.
Ask them what they planted in the garden this month. (Peas, Arugula, Rainbow Chard, Turnips, Red Leafed Sorrel, Kale, and Broccoli)
New Concepts:
Next month Earth students will hone fine motor skills by tracing and gluing small objects onto the letters of their names.
The Rainbow class will focus on computations and numeral writing.
Science next month will focus on the solar system and space.
In October, Suns will be working on identifying the letters C, D, and E, and numbers 6-10.
In October, Rainbows will learn the new sight words: can, you, up, see
Reminders & Announcements: 
As we start our semester service project focused on the power of music, we would like for each family (all classes) to send in some of your favorite music that you listen to as a family.  We will put together a few music classes that are dedicated to the music that is shared by each student.  We are also looking for musicians to come into the school to share about different musical instruments.  If you have someone in your family who would like to come in, please let us know.  You can also earn volunteer hours by recruiting different musicians to come into the school to share their talent/instrument with us.
Please remember that tuition is due on or before the last day of the month.  If received after this, it is considered late.
We will hold a fall festival with the students at the end of the month.  The Sun and Rainbow class will celebrate on Friday October 31st and the Earth class will celebrate on Tuesday October 28th. Children can wear non-scary halloween costumes on their fall festival day. Please keep in mind the costume may get dirty on the playground and that it needs to be easy for the children to maneuver during bathroom breaks.
We will take our first walking field trip to Barnes and Noble book store with the Rainbow class Monday, October 27th.  We will need lots of extra volunteers to help us walk over as this is the first trip of the year. We will leave by 9:30 and return by 11:30. Permission slip will be emailed to the Rainbow class. Please email us if you can volunteer.
As the weather gets cooler please send your child with an appropriate jacket and change out their spare clothes to something warmer if necessary.
If your child is not potty trained please remember to send a package of wipes to donate to the school each month.

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