August 2014 News

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The Rainbows have really been enjoying their start to learning sight words.¬†Singing our sight word song (using our glittery pointer), and¬†gluing glitter to our word of the week, “the”, was something they really enjoyed. ¬†We will continue to build words with different sensory materials as we introduce each word. In math the¬†class has been reviewing one-to-one correspondence through shapes and dice.¬† The students love manipulating shapes to make “pictures”! ¬†Ask your child to count the sides on a shape, and, if ready, to write the appropriate numeral. Rainbows worked on making color patterns with unifix cubes this month.¬† It was wonderful to see their pride and enthusiasm when they made their own pattern, and shared it with their friends. The Rainbow class worked on writing and phonics sounds for the letters¬†F, E, D, P, B, R, N, M. They will continue to focus on comparing and creating these letters during September as well.


Our youngest students have explored emotions associated with starting a new school by reading “Llama Llama Misses Mama”, “Llama Llama Shares”, and “The Kissing Hand”.¬† Nervousness, missing parents, and frustration were acted out through puppets, play dough, and writing notes home. The Earth class is focusing on how to sit for story time and how to share with friends.

The Sun class had fun with puppet role-playing and using play dough to form the letter E and numbers 1, 2, 3.¬† The Suns also loved the book “The Kissing Hand”, and really enjoyed making handprints of their own hands (with a cut out heart) to give their parents. Suns worked on creating color patterns with unifix cubes this month. ¬†The Sun class is really blossoming as they work on fine motor skills such as cutting and¬†drawing straight and curved lines.
The Stars class is enjoying playing on the playground and playing with instruments. The one year olds are working on being more independent as they explore new parts of the school environment.

The Rainbow and Sun classes have begun the school year learning about what it takes to be a scientist.  All scientists, big and little, ask make observations and ask questions.  Each class practiced making observations about rocks and seashells using the senses of sight and touch, as well as learned how to use magnifying glasses and a computer microscope.


During this Month the children learned basic vocabulary related to farm animals. They will have the chance to name, match and participated in learning game at the circle time. We read the books: Llama Llama misses mama and Pete the Cat and the FarmVocabulary: Cow­-Vaca, Duck­-Pato, Chicken-­Gallina, Horse-­ Caballo, Cat-­Gato, Dog-­ Perro, Pig-­CerdoAROUND THE THEME: During this theme, we will continue our first step of the progression; this includes introducing the color black and white as well as number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  open and close

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Questions to Ask:
When reading with your Rainbow, have fun looking for their sight word (“the”) when you see it on titles of books and in the story.¬† Also, ask them to make patterns at home using things around the house – different colored beans, toys, etc.¬† They know the AB pattern well, but challenge them to make more complex ones. Consider collecting the sight words that are sent home and making your own word wall or word book at home to review.
For the Suns, ask your child to point out and count numbers of items up to 10. Use small manipulatives that they can count out themselves accurately. If you have unifix cubes at home, ask them to make fun patterns like we did in school Рa zebra pattern (black, white), tiger pattern (orange, black), etc.  Ask your child how things are similar?  How are they different? Ask your child what they would do if a friend or close relative was sad?
For Earth and Stars try to reinforce the independent habits that we are working on at school at home as appropriate.
New Concepts:
Next month the Rainbows will be learning the sight words “I”, “see”, “and”. ¬†The Suns will be working on identifying and forming the letters B, R, N and M.
Save the date for our first Spirit Night Tuesday, September 23rd at Farm Burger. More details to come!
Our first parent work day will take place on Sunday 9/21 from 3pm to about 5pm. If you can attend and help us with some school projects please RSVP.
We still could use some help spreading mulch.

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