April and May 2014 News

Hi Families!

We hope you are enjoying your summer and we hope we will see you at an upcoming camp! We have been working on migrating our website and so this post has been combined and will not have photos. We will post a lot of photos from the last two months of school as soon as the switch is complete! Here are some highlights from April & May though!


Favorite Activities: April:  One of the favorite things the Rainbows did in April was making mini “eruptions” using the combination of baking soda, vinegar, and red Jell-O mix. They also really enjoyed acting out the book “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” – with the accompanying song, they went on their bear hunt and ended up right in the Bear Cave (tent)! The Rainbows also worked diligently on their puppet shows.  We started by choosing our own characters and setting and then we wrote the small group puppet shows.  It was amazing to see how they creatively wrote their stories to teach that being different is special and should be appreciated.  May:  The Rainbows really enjoyed all the gross motor games we introduced this month, such as sight word tag and “weaving through the rainbow”.

Special Moments: The Rainbow class has been doing such an amazing job learning new math concepts – It was impressive to see them really connect 2-digit numbers to a pictorial representation of tens and ones in April. The Rainbow class led the majority of the performances at the Diversity Performance.  Each student challenged themselves and did an excellent job of making the performance very special.

Questions to ask your child: Ask them to point out sight words when you read together, and to tell you how many tens and ones are in a two-digit number that you give them.  As an extra, ask them to draw how many “towers of ten” and how many “ones” that number would look like. Since we’ve been learning and comparing shapes, have them tell you the difference between a square and a rectangle, and how many sides each shape has.

New Concepts: We reviewed our sight words and word families this month:  my, jump, up, down; Word families -it and -ot.  In Math we learned to count by tens, show ten and ones in 2-digit numbers, and identify and compare geometry shapes.  In May we focused on learning to identify coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarter.  They really enjoyed sorting through their handful of coins!


Favorite Activities:  The Sun class really enjoys their sensory play and experiments – in April they loved making their V for VOLCANOES.  In May they had fun making watercolor “W”’s and X-ray hands for X!

Special Moments: In April, the Suns “read”  a wordless picture book titled “Yellow Umbrella” by Jae Soo Liu.  It was so special how they came up with their own words for the story and gave predictions while listening to soothing music.  Wordless picture books are great to get them “reading” the book and using their amazing, creative minds!  In May, it was wonderful to see the Suns sing and participate  in the Diversity Performance – they did such a great job!

Questions to ask your child: Since we have been reviewing and learning about shapes, ask your child to tell you the difference between a square and a rectangle;  Also have them tell you how many sides triangles, squares, and rectangles have.

New Concepts: We worked on learning the sounds that T, U,  V, W and X make, how they are written, and key words that begin with each letter.  We began sorting coins to identify the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.



Favorite Activities: Clay and q tip “spider” flowers, “Miss Spiders Tea Party” book, playing in the parachute.

Special Moments: Working as a unit on the playground to move the red plastic table.  They figured out spacing themselves and lifting the table to move it a significant distance. They agreed on the location, and the laughter while they completed their mission was brilliant.

Questions to ask your child: We talked a lot about Miss Spider and how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Challenge your children’s perception about people and things in their environment to continue the concept of not judging someone or something until you know more about it.

New Concepts: Small motor skills and spacial awareness: dipping and attaching the small q tips into the clay of the flowers.


Favorite Activities: Mr. David coming to play music for us, the firetruck!!

Special Moments: Watching the children take turns “driving” the firetruck and their awe with everything associated with it: size, parts, sounds that we take for granted.

Questions to ask your child: Ask your child what they know about something before giving them an automatic answer to questions they pose and help them try to find the answer before giving it to them.

New Concepts: Continually working on a project to completion, patience (not being able to “take it home” until we were finished):  large flowers for the performance morning


April – The favorite expression the students learned in April was Tengo hambre (I’m hungry). They also enjoyed learning the words to name family members and pets. We have enough vocabulary in our repertoire, now, that we are able to be much more conversational. When students are working on a project, many of them can ask me *in Spanish* for the materials they need (glue, pencil, paper). They can use polite expressions, request a bathroom break, and tell me about their families. I love how much the students can talk to me and how comfortable they are with Spanish! This month, we read some nice books that would make good bedtime stories (a few include English & Spanish). Click the link for the complete list of books, songs, and vocabulary from this month. In May, we begin the most fun theme of all: farm! Students will love singing the Spanish version of “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”


May – We started off the month of May with our Cinco de Mayo celebration, in which the students learned a fun dance called “La raspa.” We read a book about celebrations and learned the piñata song, which we had the chance to practice during our piñata event on the playground. Then, we jumped in with our farm unit, counting ducks in the pond and animals in the barn. I love teaching students farm animals sounds in Spanish! Clink the link for all the great songs, books, and vocabulary from the month of May.




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