March 2014 News



This month our open play had a jungle/safari theme, a pirate theme, a St. Patrick’s Day theme and a grocery store.  The children have loved our changing open play area and have also been so excited to play outside with the warmer weather.

Earth Class

We welcomed a new student to the earth class at the end of this month.  Please welcome to Josie and her mother, Jennifer who will be cooperatively helping out. This month we made our own tails, animal prints in play dough, stamp prints with letters, ink prints with stencils, paper mache’,  tissue filter ink and water flowers, irish claddagh’s for St. Patricks Day,  print painting using our hands on paper, painted our clay hand prints, and x-ray people with rice “bones”.

Sun Class & Rainbow Class

March was a fun month for Math – both the Suns and Rainbows explored the concept measuring using non-standard units (cubes), and began learning ways to subtract numbers up to 9.   The Rainbow class has done a great job at figuring out the math number sentence to match a subtraction story.  Next month we will have fun with geometry shapes, and continue our mastery of addition and subtraction facts.
The Sun class is really doing well with identifying important parts in a story, characters, sequence of events, and predicting outcomes.  We had fun learning the letters R, S, and T with letter art – Rainbows and Rain was a favorite, as they got to learn the colors of the rainbow.  Silly snakes, suns, and stars were for the S’s, and T trees finished off the month!   Next month we will be focusing on the letters U, V and W, and have fun acting out stories to practice comprehension, sequence of events, and character traits.
The Rainbow class is doing great in Reading – they love learning their new sight words each week.  This month we focused on the words in, big, jump, and my, and were introduced to the -ot and -it word families.  Ask your child to identify their sight words when you see them in stories you read together, and play rhyming games with word family words to help them identify the words that end the same.  Next month we will be reviewing the word families we have been introduced to so far this year: -at, -an, -ip, -ig, -ot, -it.  We will also be learning the sight word “down”, and doing activites all month to work on mastering the sight words we have learned so far this year.  Here is a complete list:  I, see, the, and, a ,can, you, look, up, is, in, big, jump, my, down.
The Rainbow class made treasure maps, shadow portraits of ourselves with the facial details filled in on their face by someone else in class (and they asked each other to tell them something about themselves that they might not already know).  2 weeks work on Rube Goldberg machines.


We’re having great fun with our “Let’s Play” theme! We’ve played Honduran-style Duck, Duck, Goose, called “Vaca, Vaca, Chancho” (meaning “Cow, Cow, Pig”). We’ve also enjoyed rolling around a big pelota (ball) to each other, and will soon learn some popular hand-clapping games that can be played with partners and in groups. Putting together puzzles is a favorite childhood playtime activity and we have done a lot of that recently! Special puzzles completed with basic shapes (triángulos, círculos, rectángulos…) have taught us the vocabulary for some of our favorite toys (coche rojo, camión azul, tren verde…). I love the books for this theme, especially No es una caja by Antionette Portis, which is about how a child’s wonderful imagination transforms a simple box into a plane, a train, a rocket, and more. For the complete list of books and more information, see this link.

Service Learning

In Service Learning this month we talked about how people dress differently.  We looked at clothes that people might wear in other countries and also observed some similarities and differences in what we wear everyday.  We ‘dressed up’ our diversity people with different materials.  We have also been learning songs about diversity and will be singing a song called “Open Your Heart” by Laurie Berkner for our upcoming performance.

Questions to Ask Your Child:

Ask your child to do subtraction problems using real life items at home (If I give you 5 carrots and you eat 3, how many will you have left?).

What song are you singing for your performance?

Ask your Sun to identify the sounds of  letters, practice writing them with any medium, and continue to have them connect, predict, and tell about the stories you read together.


Reminders & Announcements

Spring Break will be April 7-11.  This is our last break from school until the last day on May 23rd.

Summer camps are filling up.  Please let us know if you plan to attend any of them so we can reserve your space.

Please remember that we are actively filling spots for 2014/2015. Engaging with the school to connect families to NMCP that you already know is a great help to our community. We are already so thrilled with the new families that will be joining us next year. Having a full, vibrant school is good for all of the children and we so appreciate your efforts.

Our Spring Diversity Performance is tentatively set for May 10 and will happen in the morning.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Details will follow.

The snack schedule is posted.   Please mark your days for the month so that we don’t have any missed snack!  Everyone did great in March.




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